request to guests

naked Home Village intends that a guests’ stay is sustainable in and of itself. We strive to live a simple, healthy, sustainable life and while you are our guest, we hope you will too.Please consider following these simple measures during your stay:












• Do not throw toilet paper into the toilets. This upsets our grey water system.
• Strictly no smoking in the houses.
• Throw all vegetable and fruit remains into the compost bins provided. They are collected every day.
• Put all waste paper, glass and plastic into the recycle bins in each house.
• When brushing your teeth, only turn the tap on when necessary. 
• Wash dishes with bowls or basins of water, not under running water.
• Keep showers short (or shower with a friend!).
• Use only one towel during your stay.
• Please do not litter anywhere in the surrounding areas.
• Do not discard any pollutants into the river or freshwater springs.
• Respect the livelihood of the local community. 
• Do not damage or remove live or harvested bamboo.
• Keep noise down to a minimum after 2100hrs
• Avoid wasteful burning of firewood. Use fit for warmth, not decoration.

Thank you for your support and we wish you a pleasant naked experience!

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