To build a brand new stylish resort in a remote, forested valley was an incredible  challenge. It was also a wonderful opportunity to do things ‘right’, right from the  beginning. naked Stables Private Reserve (Tree Top Villas and Earth Huts) has been awarded LEED (Leadership in Environmental Energy Design) Platinum Certification.


LEED is recognized globally as the leading voluntary system for benchmarking and rating the world’s top green buildings. At naked Stables Private Reserve we aimed to achieve sustainability in each of LEED’s five key areas of human and environmental health with the goal of attaining the highest possible certification, LEED Platinum.

site development

From the very conception of naked Stables, the purpose of the resort was a “return to nature.” For this reason, maintaining the natural environment around the resort was the first priority and has remained a central theme throughout construction.

Examples of solutions we have implemented include:
• Reintroducing wildlife (native deer) to the site
• Protection of natural fauna and flora
• Uncut tree lines
• Site location and orientation
• Green roof
• Narrow road spaces
• Recycling program for all resort garbage
• Compost program for kitchen and vegetable waste
• On site organic garden (coming 2012)

water efficiency

Our water strategy for naked Stables is: Reduce, Reuse, & Treat.
As a first mandate, we reduce our overall water demand, thus cropping the problem of consumption at its source. Next, natural features are used to collect and then reuse as much water as possible without having to draw from the local aquifer. As a final stage, outgoing water is treated and then fed back into the resort’s water cycle at the highest standard of quality. Overall, the hotel consumes over 30% less water than a typical hotel, due to the following strategies:
• Closed loop water system
• Use of low flow bathroom fixtures and dual flush toilets/ waterless urinals 
• Rainwater collection from roofs and roads for grey water recycling 
•We work close together with PACT Shanghai for Grey and Black water treatment. All our waste water is recycled in two unique containerized treatment plants and reused for irrigation.Toilet flushing is from treated lake water, which is naturally replenished from the surrounding hills run off and rain water.
• Wetland filtration of run off water

energy efficiency

The philosophy behind naked Stables’ energy efficiency is an “energy pyramid.” This concept states that to truly reduce consumption, energy demand must first be reduced, before alternative energy sources can be explored. As a final step, offsetting remaining energy use can be considered. The combination of these solutions allows us to achieve energy savings of up to 35% compared to standard buildings. Main strategies utilized include:
• Solar hot water heaters for preheating water
• Centrally controlled outdoor lighting
• LED and compact fluorescent lamps used throughout the property
• Maximized natural day lighting and ventilation for all buildings
• Energy efficient water sourced heat pumps to heat and cool buildings
• Villas equipped with heat recovery units to reduce energy consumption
• Energy meter installed on all units to monitor guests’ energy use. Incentives given to reduce energy consumption.
• Bamboo pellet boiler for heating (bamboo pellets come from a factory 20 minutes away from site)
• High insulation value for all exterior walls and windows. 
• Use of double glazed Low E glass for doors and windows
• Main site accessed by golf carts only, powered by solar power recharging stations

materials selection

The objective for naked Stables was always to be an example of sustainable luxury in nature. This can be seen in the selection of materials used throughout the entire property. All products have been individually chosen for their aesthetic value as well as their environmental impact. Conscious materials selection includes:
• Over 50% of new wood is certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) 
• Use of carbonized bamboo flooring, a renewable material
• 90% of all construction materials are sourced in nearby areas within a radius of 800km.
• Over 95% of construction waste was recycled
• Limited use of cement
• Use of regional materials, such as bamboo
• Reuse of old windows and doors
• Railway sleepers used as entryway stairs 
• Spa/Wellness center made from all reclaimed/reused wood 
• Rammed earth 
• Use of recycled old wooden roof trusses, columns, column bases, window frames, bricks and roof tiles

indoor environmental quality

As a 5-star resort, while interior finishes and decoration are aimed at style and luxury, the maximization of indoor occupant health and well-being is equally important. A healthy interior space is achieved by:
• No smoking indoors
• Ventilation performance
• CO2 monitoring
• Low emitting materials
• Daylight and views


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