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J. X. P, DMX International

naked Stables Private Reserve

In few words: it was great! My business partner wants to rent a house for her and her family in the spring and some of my staff want to come back as well…We had a good time in a beautiful scenery. As I have already been to naked Stables Private Reserve in February last year, I can also tell you that you guys improved a lot. You will most certainly see more of me…

Yan Z., SAMICE and Cargill China

Earth Hut - hilltop, naked Stables Private Reserve

In one word, I would like to say a BIG Thank You to you for all the great efforts behind the scene. Jocelyn- many, many thanks for personally welcoming us in the lobby and my great honor to meet such an outstanding kind GM in person. Teck- very impressive with your welcome orientation, well-organized team building activities, always so nice and patient with all of our questions. Carmen- indeed appreciated your flexibility, agility and understanding. Savannah- the great success could not have been achieved without your hard work. I very much hope next time or no matter how many times that I have a program at naked Stables, you will be my event Service matey. Once again, we are eager to work with you soon in the coming future and wish you a fabulous start of 2013.

Timothy M.

Tree Top Villas, naked Stables Private Reserve

I wanted you and your staff to know what a great time we had at the naked Stables. My wife and our family and I enjoyed the time very much and were so impressed with the facilities! I must say the food was outstanding! And we enjoyed the special meal that was brought to Egret 1 on our last night, and grilling the steaks outdoors. Wonderful. My wife who grew up with horses really enjoyed riding, and i enjoyed a good hike with my son in the bamboo forest.The staff was unfailing friendly and helpful. There were no glitches or problems. It was a memorable three days, and I am sure we will be back at some time in the future. Once again, thank you so much for making our time at naked such a pleasurable experience.

P.L. Cheung

Tree Top Villas, naked Stables Private Reserve

I had a wonderful stay at naked Stables, it was really great! Staff was friendly and very helpful, facilities were suitable for children as well as adults, and not to forget the view from the rooms were amazing! The location is very peaceful, so this place is a great escape if you are looking for some rest. I would definitely come back someday!

M. H.

Tree Top Villas, naked Stables Private Reserve

The accommodations were stunning. A view over the mountains and finally some fresh air. Services were great and so also the facilities. It was an amazing experience.

Bryn P, Imagination

Tree Top Villas, naked Stables Private Reserve

From both Imagination’s and our client’s perspective, the week long event at naked Stables was a huge success. I’d like to thank you, your hotel staff, and your immediate team for helping to make us feel welcome and providing a fantastic environment for us. I speak for the team by saying, we look forward to working with you all again in the near future with more events, be it Jaguar Land Rover or one of our many other clients. Its a tough excursion being out there in your idyllic spot and having to return to the hustle and bustle of city life.

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