Design Team & Philosophy

Delphine Yip-Horsfield, Chief Design Officer of naked Group (parent company of naked Retreats) leads a multinational team of talented architects, interior designers and engineers who are also pioneers in sustainable design and green building technology. Together, they work to innovate on all fronts, seeking to create uniquely “naked” buildings, outdoor environments and indoor settings for resort guests to enjoy.

naked Stables

The design aesthetics of the resort fuse African and Asian elements and bring the magic of African hospitality and intimacy with nature to an Asian setting. All buildings are designed to minimise the impact to the environment and maximise symbiosis with the natural surroundings.

Innovative construction technology such as prefabricated SIP (structural insulated panels) has been used in the construction of the Tree Top Villas. The Earth Huts and Clubhouse are built with modern rammed earth walls using compressed mud from the local area, resulting in an environmentally friendly structure and striking coloured striations and design.

In addition to cutting edge technology, we also employed traditional construction techniques such as stonemasonry walls, bamboo and recycled timber framed structures, and traditional mud wall construction. The result is an eclectic and unique mix of building in harmony with the natural environment.

Upon opening, naked Stables was awarded with LEED Platinum certification, the first in China to achieve this certification. The honour would not have been possible without the contribution from the below parties:

  • Ben Wood Studio ShanghaiMasterplanner and Chief Architect
  • Alessandro Bisagni(BEE Inc.) – Sustainability & LEED Consultant
  • A00– Architect of Earth Huts
  • SPEC– LEED Consultant
  • Lv Xiaohui– Designer of naked Leaf Spa and naked Galleries
  • Baoye Design Institute– Structural Design and local design institute
  • DLC– Landscape architect
  • AIM– Interior Design
  • Scott Wilson– Engineering & Project Management
  • Sin Sin– Uniform Design
  • ERM– Sustainability Consultant
  • Hangzhou Golden Duke Sanitary Ware Co., LTD– Jacuzzi hot tub & indoor whirlpool

naked Castle

Unearthing remains to resurrect an old castle originally built and occupied by a Scottish missionary doctor nearly a century ago, The Castle is the focal point of naked Castle. The design team was inspired by a combination of the Scottish roots with the rich culture of a vibrant Shanghai at that time.

Preserving the existing architecture, in raw materials and in design, traditional farmhouses have been upgraded to luxury bungalows, with interiors a minimalistic fusion of the best of Afro-Asian decor. Following in the footsteps of naked Stables, the new buildings on the mountain have been constructed using prefabricated SIP (structural insulated panels).

As with all of naked’s resorts, the focus from the get-go was to preserve the existing nature, which can come in the form of re-planting trees or reigniting streams that used to flow down the mountain.