Paw-liday Fun

naked Castle welcomes our four legged friends to enjoy the beautiful nature at Moganshan. There are great outdoor activities perfect for you and your pet so no there’s need to contact your pet sitter. Treat your whole family out to a perfect holiday!

Price: Additional fees apply
Venue: naked Castle (the Castle, Castle Suites, SPA, swimming pool and restaurants of the retreats are prohibited for entering pets for guests privacy )
Duration: None

Requirements for staying in a Pet-Friendly Room:                             

1.Only pets weighing 16kg or under are permitted.

2.Up to one pet allowed per room.

3.Submit, at the time of check in, the original and a photocopy of a written certificate for the pet’s health condition, including without limitation the health certificate and the immunization certificate. The pet must be examined or immunized more than 2 weeks and less than 1 year prior to staying at naked Castle.

4.Please note that female pets are prohibited from staying overnight at our retreat during periods of heat (4 weeks after the start of their menstrual cycle) and/or pregnancy.

5.Please note that the pet may be asked to refrain from staying at our retreat if it carries the risk of causing inconvenience to other guests/pets.

Rules for using a Pet-Friendly Room:

1.Do not use the bathroom in the accommodations for shampooing or washing pets.

2.Do not let the pet sleep on the bedding.

3.When returning to the room from outdoors, such as from a walk, the pet must be cleaned in its entirety in the designed area set up in the room.

4.Do not leave the pet in the room while the housekeeping staff is cleaning the room.

5.Prevent your pet from damaging the building, furniture, fixture, equipment, plants and other items. If your pet breaks or damages any items, the pet owner is responsible for bearing the cost for all damages. Guests are required to inform the hotel of any damages and required to check the room together with the housekeeping supervisor upon check out. 

6.Refrain from trimming or brushing your pet's hair outside the designated area. Any waste that results from such acts must be cleaned up afterwards.

7.If you go out with your pet, pay attention to cars and other traffic around the retreat. Make sure to leash your pet so as not to inconvenience other guest or people nearby. You are responsible for scooping up the feces; bring it back to retreat, and disposing of it in the waste sink set up inside the retreat.

8.Please look after your pet. naked Retreats bears no responsibility for any injury or loss to your pet. 

naked Castle can refuse to allow you and your pet to lodge at our retreat if the entries made in the application form contained false information, if you and your accompanying pet violate any of these regulations while staying at our retreat, or if your pet causes any inconvenience, accident, and/or danger to other guests/pets.

naked Retreats are not held responsible whatsoever for any injuries, fatal accidents, etc., that occur due to reasons beyond our control. We shall assume no responsibility for any conflicts or problems attributable to your pet that may occur between you and other resort guests, or between your pet and other pets staying in our retreat.

*Consent form for stay or lodging in a pet-friendly room will be sent to you when booking a room at naked Castle.

Booking Hotline

400 9200 518