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Meet Arabella, our 70-foot luxury catamaran – one of the finest boats in the Andaman Sea. Explore uncharted waters, trek deserted islands and dive into one of the most beautiful tropical oceans in the world! Five ensuite cabins can easily accommodate 10 adults with full kitchen facilities on board. Our captain and staff ensure every detail of your trip is perfect. All aboard for the trip of a lifetime.

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Arabella features 5 cabins – all below deck - each fully equipped with amenities rivalling those of any 5-star hotel. Each cabin has a queen-sized bed to ensure perfectly sound sleep as well as ensuite bathroom facilities for privacy.

Food & Beverage

Many different types of cuisines are served on the ship to satisfy all tastes and cravings. Enjoy the fresh seafood prepared by our professional chef while taking in sunset sea views. Or have a romantic candlelight dinner under the stars at night. If you get thirsty, there is a wide selection of fine wines and liquors onboard as well. Additional dining options are available on land.

Tailor-made Itineraries

Aboard Arabella, the world is your oyster. Create an itinerary that suits your personality. Like the adrenaline rush of wakeboarding? Or do you prefer a relaxing evening? On Arabella, these possibilities are all available. Arabella’s crew is always at your disposal. Your dream cruise begins with us!

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Rock Climbing

Ever dream of scaling a cliff by the seaside? Come and get a unique experience as you climb, surround by some of the best sceneries that Thailand has to offer.

Water Ski/Wakeboarding

Grab a pair of our water skis or wakeboard and try out this exhilarating sport!

Scuba Diving

Are you PADI certified? We have scuba diving available for those who want to explore the mysteries of the sea. Swim amongst the exotic sea creatures and take a selfie with the huge sea turtles!

Sunbath on the Best Beaches

Choose your favourite deserted beach and catch some sun or relax with a good book. On the boat, you can stretch out on the deck and let the soft sound of waves lapping against the boat lull you into a nap. There’s plenty of ways to relax!

Snorkelling and Fish feeding

Snorkel freely in the beautiful lagoon amongst hundreds of marine organisms and feed the friendly fish! Tackle this exciting underwater journey with your friends!

Island Hopping / Hiking

Take a deep breath of the fresh air as you step foot on the beautiful islands of Thailand.

Thai Massage

Arabella docks near the Paradise Resort which provides the award winning service!

Cave Exploration

Explore the vastness of these caves together with your friends for an unforgettable travel memory!

Jet Ski

Take Arabella’s private Jet Ski out for spin and enjoy riding on the award coast of the Andaman Sea! The clear water and beautiful islands are ready for you to explore!

Water Activities

Try out the various water activities on board! Challenge your stamina, balance and courage. When you become a master, enjoy the ocean scenery as you cruise along on your vessel of choice.

Paddle Boarding

Explore the clear sea by taking the paddle board out for a spin! This relaxing activity combines physicality and balance for a light workout.

US$ 4,888/day for up to 8 guests!

*Minimum 3 nights