About Arabella

Arabella is a luxury catamaran that operates under both power and sail. With three different levels, you’ll find it comfortably fits 10 guests onboard. On the flydeck, you’ll find cosy benches, sofas and tables which provide a spacious and decadent haven for relaxation. Downstairs, a large saloon has panoramic windows, so you’ll still be able to enjoy the beauty of the passing coastline wherever you are.


Beautifully designed inside, you’ll relax in living spaces that are warm yet contemporary. Each cabin has a unique South African design, homage to naked Retreats Heritage. Each cosy room is thoughtfully designed for comfort and fully equipped with amenities that rival anything you’d find in a luxury hotel. Reaching up is a distinctive sail, with a black and white image of a female hugging the sky – symbolic of a bright, free and unrestrained attitude.

Meet the Crew

  • Captain Morgan

    Arabella's Captain

    Skipper Morgan grew up in a small town and wanted to see the world. But we all know, that’s not realistic, right? You have to get a real job after college. So he joined Barclays Bank like any sane individual would. Three weeks later he had quit and moved to the south coast of France to become a sailing instructor. Adventures in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Australia and Southeast Asia followed. Before he knew it, Morgan was one of the most experienced skippers in this part of the world. Now he's ready to provide you with an unforgettable adventure.
  • Srisda Ngakeaw


    Apple, our hostess, has worked in the luxury yacht charter industry for over 11 years. As well as welcoming you at the airport and waving you goodbye she ensures your cabins are laid out meticulously and turned down every day. Apple is very house/yacht proud, so don’t even think of sitting on the saloon sofa with wet or sandy swimming gear on. Apple is your go-to person for any requests or questions about the yacht, the food or Thai culture - "When the customer ask for anything I like to do it at that moment, I enjoy serving and meeting a variety of people, my goal is the smiles of people I make happy"
  • Sangdaw Bualob


    Dao is our amazingly strong but silent chef. She has been rattling pans since the age of 17 all around Thailand in a variety of restaurants from Vietnamese to European cooking curries and making pastries and cakes. Dao has been producing amazing Thai food from small yacht galleys for over 10 years. Our Galley is up in the main saloon area as guests love to watch her at work and learn the secrets of Thailand’s flavourful curries. Dao can produce and cuisine you wish for from her kitchen, and relishes a challenge, she can tailor our menu to suit whatever dietary requirements you have - "I love making customer happy with delicious food, I make food from the heart more than 30 years."
  • Sanphet Suwimarnchan

    "Mr Yo"

    Mr Yo has been on yachts for most of his life and has completed thousands of miles sailing all over Asia. "He is the hardest working crewmember, but you may hardly notice him as he raises the sail, scrubs the decks, prepares the water toys, tends the BBQ and washes up plates because he weighs the same as his age(49 kgs) and he’s hard to spot aboard such a large yacht. Mr Yo keeps everything running smoothly with a cheery smile.