Good Morning (7:00)

After boarding Arabella late on Thursday night, we suggest you get a good night’s rest to save energy for all the sailing adventures lined up for you on the second day. Starting at 7am, you can enjoy the beautiful views of Phang Nga Bay and a scrumptious breakfast.

Morning Activity (10:00)


    Trade in Arabella for a kayak and paddle. Explore the ins and outs of the caves along the water.


    Want some sun instead of the dark mysterious caves? No problem! Take a paddleboard or kayak for a self-powered cruise around the island.

Lunchtime Cruise (12:00)

Skipper Morgan gathers everyone back aboard and moors on Ko Roi Island to enjoy a light seafood lunch. Gourmet food is prepared by Arabella's on-board chef while you take in the sun and stunning views.

Afternoon Activity (14:00)

  • Water Activities

    Get active on the water with some wakeboarding, kayaking or paddle boarding.

  • Land Activity

    Enjoy private beaches, explore the hidden mangroves, do some rock climbing, or trek through the jungle to find Thailand's largest tree.

  • Relaxing Spa

    If you want to relax, head into the Paradise Resort for a traditional Thai massage.

Dinner (19:00)

In the evening stay on Arabella and enjoy private seafood barbecue or choose Paradise Resort for a superb Thai feast.

Good Morning (8:00)

Wake up to a delicious breakfast on Arabella. The ship will be anchored at one of the biggest lagoons in the area, Ko Hong Krabi.

Morning Activity (9:00)

  • Snorkel in the Lagoon

    Hop into the warm water and find yourself surrounded by the beautiful sea creatures of the lagoon.

  • Jet ski or motorboat to explore the island

    Get out the Jet Ski or try more water activities like water skiing.

Morning Activity (10:00)

Heading towards Ko Dam Kwam Island, one of the best snorkelling destination in the world! Snorkel in the pristine waters or go rock climbing on the beach's rocks!

Lunchtime Cruise (12:00)

Everyone back on board for a scrumptious Thai lunch.

After Lunch (13:00)

Head towards beautiful Railay Beach.

Afternoon Activity (14:00)

  • Find the "Secret Lagoon"

    Those who are the courageous enough can find a special surprise after a tough climb up to the secluded paradise.

  • Jungle Adventure

    Hike through the jungle and try to spot the elusive Gibbons monkeys, hornbills and other amazing creatures.

  • Relax on the beach

    If you've had enough exercise for the day, relax on the beach with a good book. After all, you are on vacation!

Dinner (19:00)

Choose a private seafood feast on the yacht or indulge yourself in one of Thailand’s most exclusive five star resorts - Rayavadee.

After Dinner (21:00)

Return to Arabella, to enjoy a quiet evening drink and share the memorable experiences with friends. Save your energy for the final day!

Good Morning (8:00)

Get up early for a beautiful sunrise and enjoy breakfast as Arabella sails north towards Koh Khai Nui. If you are lucky, you may have the chance to see the local fisherman returning from their fishing trips after a big catch.

Morning Activity (9:00)

Head to Skipper Morgan’s favourite snorkelling spot - Koh Mai Phai. This is the perfect place for snorkelling fans. On this idyllic island, time seems frozen. Try your hand at fishing along the journey.

Morning Activity (10:00)

  • Feed the fishes

    If you don’t want to get your hair wet, head for the shallows and feed the fishes.

  • Snorkel and play with the fish, or try your hand at catching some.

    Hop in the water among these particularly friendly fish! Hundreds will surround you to welcome you to their home. Enjoy this wonderful and intimate moment with nature.

Lunchtime Cruise (12:00)

Lunch in a restaurant on Ko Mai Phai

Afternoon Activity (14:00)

  • Snag a Souvenir

    Visit the famous Pearl Farm on Yang Rai Island. It’s the perfect place to pick up a present pearl to mark the trip of a lifetime!

  • Visit Bird’s Nests Island

    Visit Koh Lipe, Thailand’s bird’s nest soup island to see the birds building their homes.

  • Exhilaration on the High Sea

    Ask Skipper Morgan to find the best place to bring out the water toys again. How about giving tubing a go this afternoon?

Dinner (19:00)

Enjoy a Thai dinner in your own private sanctuary surrounded by the breath taking sunset. Or hop ashore for a bite to eat.

After Dinner (21:00)

After dinner, prepare for your flight back home tomorrow and rest up! Or for those who like to be a bit naughtier, the ever-entertaining Phuket nightlife scene awaits.