Rejuvenate in nature: naked Leaf Spa

The naked Leaf Spa, hidden in a forest glade, takes you to the very heart of nature. Our 14 treatment rooms (6 outdoor and 8 indoor) will be your personal secret retreat. Spacious locker rooms are complete with Jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms, as well as a rest area with a stunning view. Sit back with a cup of tea, and consult with professional therapists to personalise a massage treatment. Combining the spa experience with the peace and quiet of naked Stables, will guarantee wellness in body and soul.

Bookings or Inquiries

180 5728 3734 / 0572 – 8046668

Signature Treatments

  • Rituals

    Our rituals are divided into four types - Wind, Rain, Bird and Forest. Each has its own special nature-based healing methodology.

  • Massage

    We offer a range of massage treatments from hot stone to our signature naked Bamboo massage. Each is carried out by our experienced massage technicians.

  • Facials

    Our line of facials is also divided into four types - Wind, Rain, Bird and Forest. All incorporate unique natural materials to cleans and restore.