3 Days 2 Nights & 2 Days 1 Night “Heat Your Winter Up” Package

The package promotion is available from 2020-11-11 to 2021-2-28

With wisps of smoke and white snow, rammed earth huts and hilltop villas can enjoy winter mountain views. Strolling and cycling, horseback archery, farming fun picking and animals feed, you can enjoy the leisure in winter at ease. Western gingerbread house, Chinese paper-cutting, bonfire party, romantic heart-warming...enjoy the warm moment in naked.

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Included in Package

  • Stay the warmth in winter

    Red wine and ginger tea drive away the winter cold, leaving only the warm heart in the naked.

    With wisps of smoke and white snow, rammed earth huts and mountain villas can enjoy the winter mountain scenery, leisurely and warmly Soak in the open air and feel the warmth in the SPA.

  • Fun together in warm naked

    In the warm sun, strolling and riding, horseback riding and archery, it’s so uncomfortable.

    naked farm tour and vegetable picking and animals feeding, enjoy the winter leisurely.

    Western gingerbread house and Chinese paper-cutting, it belongs to your hand-made fun time Romantic and heart-warming bonfire parties, savor the sweet taste of roasted marshmallows Naked Leaf SPA heals the body and mind, returns to nature, and injects energy.

  • Encounter a good delicacy in warm winter

    Chef Kikaboni's special selection of warm winter dinners is worthy of the gourmet scenery.

    Winter limited hot pot, toast and talk in the mist, indulge in happiness and comfort.

  • Safe with naked

    The naked Care kit containing hand sanitizers, face masks and thermometers.

    Regular and rigorous disinfection of all rooms and public facilities, and upon permission, any personal item or luggage in need of such service.

    Ensuring a retreat of absolute health and safety.

Package Terms and Conditions

Booking Policy

  • The package promotion is available from 11th November 2020 to 28th February  2021.
  • The earliest check-in time is 3pm and the latest check-out is 12 noon.
  • Late check-out after 3 pm will incur a half day extra room charge. After 6 pm will incur one-night extra charge.
  • Early check-in and late check-out are all subject to availability and cannot be confirmed at the time of booking.    
  • All prices are subject to 10% service charge. All prices and service charge are subject to additional VAT (Value Added Tax) 6% stipulated by national policy.

Cancellation policy accommodation

  • Cancellations must be made more than 7 calendar days prior to date of check-in.

Booking Hotline

400 9200 518