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Retreat Regain Restore

Mankind wasn’t designed to live in a city, to spend his or her days in a glass box, to succeed or fail according to a piece of paper. Our feet aren’t even meant to wear shoes. We are children of Mother Nature. We were born naked.

But we do wear shoes, and clothes. And we’ve built cities where we work in glass boxes and struggle to succeed. We have adapted remarkably well to this urban lifestyle we’ve created, but we should never forget who and what we really are. Every once in a while, we should go back to that. We should retreat, naked.













naked Retreats offers an accessible refuge, a place to regain balance and restore yourself through closeness to nature, tranquillity, exercise and therapy, in luxurious rural lodgings. At naked, you will eat locally grown foods, drink mountain spring water and fine wines, get active in the outdoors, and take advantage of stunning spa facilities. At a naked Retreat we rediscover the natural rhythm of life