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Let nature embrace you, and sleep safe and sound at naked.

All naked themed guest rooms are neighbors with the mountain, forest and lake. Take in grand views of nature outdoors, and immerse in delicate designs indoors.

Taste the naked flavor, and be surprised by the palette.

Dining at any naked restaurant is an absolute treat. Beautiful views are all within your grasp, and organic ingredients are all ready for your to taste.

There’s incredible fun for everyone.

The exquisite locations of naked Retreats allow a great variation of activities to be possible. Anyone from any age group can find something fun at naked.

Treat yours body, mind, and soul with natural energy.

Indulge in naked Leaf spa’s exquisite treatments, and relieve all the stress. Enjoy yoga in the valley or the lakeside, and have nature refresh your energy.

naked is where joyful memories last.

Nature is the best witness for all joyful moments. A wedding by the lake, or a birthday party in the valley, will all be organic and true for many years to come.

naked and nature will encourage and inspire

Fresh air, fresh ideas. The atmosphere of a meeting is definitely a key factor to its success. Let the greeneries of naked shake things up, and trigger fresh new ideas.

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“History” of naked Castle

“Arts” of naked Water

"Culture" of naked Valley

"Harvest" of naked Hill