About naked Retreats

Mankind wasn’t designed to live in a city. We have adapted remarkably well to an urban lifestyle, but we should never forget who and what we really are. Every once in a while, we should go back to that. We should retreat, naked. naked Retreats is the resort arm of parent company naked Group. Our luxury resorts seek to encourage people to retreat and bare themselves to nature in elegance and luxury. We offer a unique and memorable experience unlike anything else found in China: nature, sustainability, design and exceptional guest service are signature features at our resorts.


  • China Best Design Hotels Awards ‘Best Hotel of the Year’
    The “Best Design Hotel Awards”, organized by “The Bund”, has been held for six years and is an iconic award in the industry.
  • World Luxury Hotel Awards
    Established as the world’s leading Awards initiative for Luxury hotels, The World Luxury Hotel Awards sets the spotlight on hotels, attracting the attention of global market and industry experts.
  • Best SPA around Shanghai
    Since 2010, TimeOut Shanghai has been inviting the most influential figures within the hospitality industry to distribute the Best Hotels Awards each year.
  • 2014 Global Vision Awards
    Travel + Leisure’s Global Vision Awards tasked their jury with evaluating the efforts of airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and car-rental and tour companies around the world that are working to preserve and protect the places people travel through.
  • China Best Design Hotels Award: Lohas Theme
    The China Best Design Awards aims to establish a platform for increasing cross border contacts and experiential learning amongst boutique hotels in China
  • Travel and Leisure: China’s Top 10 Boutique Hotels
    The China Travel and Leisure Annual Travel Awards covers a list of the best hotels, airlines, cruise lines and travel destinations in China.
  • Travel Plus: Best Green Hotel
    2012-2013: Asia Pacific
    The Best Green Hotels award is given to hotels that integrate luxury with sustainability.
  • World Luxury Hotel Awards 2013
    The World Luxury Hotel Awards was established in 2006 to recognize the worldwide luxury hotel industry and legendary hotels with respect to overall service excellence.
  • World Travel Award: Asia’s leading green resort
    The World Travel Awards supports, promotos and develops the global travel and tourism industry by identifying and rewarding excellence and inspiring its practitioners to continually raise the standards of their product and service offerings.
  • International Hotel Awards
    2012-2013: Asia Pacific
    The Asia Pacific Hotel Awards in association with HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad is a hotly contested competition, which includes categories for specific types and sizes of the best hotels, hotel architecture, interiors, construction and design across the entire Asia Pacific region.
  • TimeOut Best Hotels 2012
    ‘Best New Opening Hotel Near Shanghai’
    Since 2010, TimeOut Shanghai has been inviting the most influential figures within the hospitality industry to distribute the Best Hotels Awards each year.
  • China Best Design Hotels Awards ’Best Vacational Hotel’
    Vacation hotels themselves have unique landscapes. The selection of the best vacation hotel was based on multiple factors, it is not only about the surroundings but much more about the corporate culture, values and philosophy.
  • China Best Design Hotels Awards ’Best Eco Hotel’
    Sustainability is a lifelong quest, for a hotel this begins at the conception. From the design to the building materials and building techniques each and every detail has an influence on the environment.
  • China’s Most Successful Design Awards: Diamond Award
    China’s Most Successful Designs Awards seeks to honour the top international designers and enterprises for their designs that are most successful in the Chinese market.