Glenturret Whisky and Cigar Bar

Enjoy the finest whiskys and cigars in Moganshan

The Glenturret Bar, is situated in the base of The Castle. This exclusive bar stocks the finest whiskies and cigars in Moganshan reserved for guests of naked Castle. Stocks include imported cigars from Cuban and whisky from Scotland and Japan. The unique atmosphere is reminiscent of a homey hunting lodge/traditional Scottish bar. Try the tailor-made cocktails and the cigars while engaging in small talk with your friends and family.

Operating Hours: 14:00-23:00

Phone: 0572-8881111 extension 8694

naked and Glenturret

In 2012, Grant and his wife Delphine decided to rebuild The Castle and in August of 2015, excavations began. On September 11, 2015, they uncovered a rock deep underground with the word “Glenturret” carved into it. The rock itself was attached to the earth, under the remains of The Castle, on the grounds of naked Castle, a construction site in China.

“Glenturret” is the name of a famous Scottish whiskey distillery, but their General Manager was just as puzzled by the carving. Other scholars from different countries, and even BBC weighed in on its possible origin. An author, historian, China expert and professor at University of Bristol – Robert Bickers – uncovered a newspaper story from 1929 confirming that Dr. Main named his property Glenturret. Further investigating by staff at Glenturret revealed that Dr. Main worked for a time at a shipyard in Glasgow, supporting University of Edinburgh lecturer in Chinese Studies, Dr. Mark McLeister’s separate hypothesis that there may be a link between his work at the shipyard and a Glasgow steamship called Glenturret… With no definitive answer, the century old castle on Moganshan, with “Glenturret” at its gate, inspires future generations to solve the riddle.

Learn more about the Glenturret Bar in naked Castle’s Museum.

Glenturret distillery

naked Founder

Grant Horsfield

“My favourite brand of whisky is Glenturret. The flavour is not sweet nor smokey; it is an acquired taste, but I love it.”

- Grant Horsfield, naked Founder

Steeped in 240 years of history, Glenturret Distillery is the oldest working distillery and the only traditionally hand-mashed whisky distillery in Scotland. Now, the distillery welcomes an average of 80,000 visitors per year.

Learn more about the Glenturret Bar in naked Castle’s Museum.