Pao Tai Lou

Enjoy elegant delicacies with a Michelin pedigree

Perched at the highest vantage point of the castle, enjoy fine dining above the clouds at Pao Tai Lou. Its unique name comes from a combination of two important elements – the mountain’s previous name ‘Pao Tai’ and one of the most important artefacts from the castle, a Qing dynasty cannon. In a place where mountaintops meet the heavens, enjoy fine cuisine with a view.

Opening Hours

Lunch: 11:30-14:30
Dinner: 17:00-21:00
Phone: 0572-8881111 (ext. 8682)

Storytelling through Cooking

Inheriting the taste and culinary standards from a Michelin trained chef, the dishes of Pao Tai are crafted with simplicity with luxury in mind. Cantonese cuisine is the core of the dishes at the restaurant, but the chefs also provide the guests with Ningbo, Hangzhou, Sichuan and local cuisines. PaoTai Lou’s menu blends classic Cantonese cuisine and authentic local food through creative cooking. To enjoy the full experience, pair the exquisite dishes with the excellent wine selection from the cellar.

Chinese Executive Chef

Head chef

Herry Xu

“I don’t think cooking is just a skill. It’s an art.” Herry said. As the Chinese Culinary Executive Head Chef of naked Castle, Herry manages “Pao Tai Lou” with a direct approach. From the selection of ingredients, till the presentation on the dining table, he has involved himself in every step of the operation. Herry’s passion and dedication, is the same spirit as how naked pursuits nature and sustainability. He now continues to seek inspiration from the surrounding nature, and along with his team, present his conceptual and original cuisines.

Herry worked at various prestigious International resorts and Michelin restaurants. After extensive studies and experience, he is now extremely familiar with many regional cuisines, and from it he innovated a series of his own unique palette.

Booking Hotline

400 9200 518