Emphasizing on organic, original, and healthy presentation of the local ingredients

naked Vally has established three distinctive restaurants: Kikaboni, Tianse, and Pure Heart Flavor, offering a fusion of Chinese and Western culinary choices. Each of these restaurants prioritizes ingredient selection, emphasizing health and the appreciation of natural flavors. In terms of menu design, both in taste and presentation, they embody the elegant and natural style unique to Luo Xin Valley.


If you’re looking for casual all-day dining, you can’t beat The Farmhouse for simple, fresh and wholesome food. Located at the heart of naked Stables and serving up delicious rustic fare, it makes the perfect spot to refuel before your next adventure!

naked Bite

Come down to naked Bite for casual, pool-side dining. The menu features a blend of Asian and Western favourites from all over the world. Don’t restrict yourself to a table in the restaurant; a meal can be set up just about anywhere in the retreat. For refreshments, enjoy a beer, wine or cocktail at the naked Bite bar.


At kikaboni you’ll discover the fresh concept of ‘private dining in nature’, complete with stunning lakeside location. A gourmet cuisine experience showcasing local flavours, you’ll pick from a seasonal menu that features high-quality imported and locally sourced ingredients.