3 Days 2 Nights & 2 Days 1 Night “Heat Your Winter Up” Package

The package promotion is available from 2020-11-11 to 2021-02-28

Naked water, the harbour for your return to nature, overview the tranquil environment of Taihu Lake in winter. The winter sun refreshes the body and mind; stay around the stove, warm the heart and mind. Accompanied by Su Yi, cycling around the lake, the naked leaf spa heated your winter up.

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Stay the warmth in winter

  • Lake villa, overlooking the tranquil environment of Taihu Lake in winter.

  • Holding a cup of fragrant tea, stay around the stove, the color of Taihu Lake can be enjoyed.

Fun together in warm naked

  • Cycling around the lake, warm up, and refreshing in the warm winter.

  • Bamboo and rattan weaving, Su Yi hand craft workshop, the charm of Su style ignites winter.

Encounter a good delicacy in warm winter

  • Indulge in naked food, the taste of Taihu Lake has a long aftertaste, and it reaches the taste buds with freshness Limited hot pot, toast and talk in the mist, feel happy and comforted.

  • Naked leaf SPA heals the body and mind, and injects energy into warm winter.

Safe with naked

  • The naked Care kit containing hand sanitizers, face masks and thermometers.
  • Regular and rigorous disinfection of all rooms and public facilities, and upon permission, any personal item or luggage in need of such service.
  • Ensuring a retreat of absolute health and safety.