Each villa is built on stilts to minimise its physical footprint and maximise views. The prefabricated villas are made by innovative construction technology known as structural insulated panels (SIPs). With high insulation and zero construction waste, these lofty eco-dwellings are like no other, offering a beautiful energy efficient home that is at one with nature.

The villas are intended for living. Each home has a large outdoor deck, complemented on the inside by an open plan kitchen with the latest amenities; the dining room, living room and opium den are perfect for relaxation and entertainment. Large sliding doors and full floor to ceiling windows welcome natural light while sophisticated air conditioning systems ensure your comfort. Double layered glass keeps the view in perfect focus, hushing all sounds to perfect stillness. Wooden floors, soft lighting and high ceilings add a sense of warmth and space.

Design and Finishes

External walls

Structure is built from steel and SIP (structural insulated panels). External wall is cladded with painter fibre cement board.

Internal walls

The living/dining room and bedrooms are finished with stucco and emulsion paint.


The ceiling is finished with emulsion paint.


The living/dining room is finished with engineered timber flooring. The bedroom is finished with heavy strand bamboo flooring.


The balcony floor is finished with wood plastic composite decking (M wood). The railing and trellis are made with Liu An wood. The balustrade is fitted with metal and Liu An wood.


Aluminium-timber window frames for the living/dining room and bedrooms are fitted with double glazed Low-E glass and Roto hardware.

Kitchen & Powder Room

The floor is finished with natural tile. Kitchen cabinets and sink are provided, and kitchen counter top is fitted with natural stone.


The wall and floors are finished with natural stone.


The entrance door is made of solid core timber, fitted with Saflok RFID locks. Bedroom doors are fitted with hollow core timber fitted with Saflok RFID security locks.

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