Rental Program

Buying a Tree Top Villa at naked Stables involves signing a Sale and Purchase Agreement with the development company and a Lease and Management Agreement and Deed of Conditions with the Hotel Management Company. The Management Agreement requires the purchaser to lease the property back to the Hotel Management Company to manage on the owner’s behalf. There are two different plans available to buyers.

  • Owner Usage Rights

    Zero usage restrictions

    Early reservations are required to secure villas, especially during prime and peak seasons. If a Villa Owner does not provide the required advanced notice for a reservation, the resort may be required to offer the owner a different unit. The worst case scenario is no availability.

  • Rental Revenue

    a. Revenue

    Whilst not in residence, the owner will be eligible to earn a pro rata 36% of the room revenue generated by the resort during their absence. (i.e. The daily revenue generated by the entire resort is divided amongst the owners not in residence on that day. When owners are in residence, they forfeit their opportunity to earn revenue.)

  • b. Monitoring your returns

    Owners will receive regular financial information in the form of an electronic or hard copy statement including: owner record of stays, amounts spent, revenue generated, etc. Owners may request to receive these statements daily, weekly or monthly. Should the owner wish to ‘cash out’ and withdraw cash generated from their villa ownership, this is available bi-annually, at the end of June and at the end of December.

  • c. Cashing out your returns

    Owners will be able to cash out their returns twice a year. If owners choose not to cash out their returns, the resort allows them to use their returns at the resort (where they own property). This option allows owners to deduct returns pretax.

  • Discounted Resort Services

    All services available at the resort are offered to owners and their guests at a 20% discount off listed prices. These services include restaurants, spa and activities.

  • Services Fee

    When owners are in residence, the resort continues to offer services on their behalf. These services include: butler, concierge, housekeeping and room service. In addition to these, the resort offers water, electricity, wireless Internet and telecom services. The fee is RMB 400 per room per night, charged on all rooms regardless of which are in use.

  • Maintenance

    4% of the resort room revenue will be reserved for ongoing building maintenance. This will be deducted from the owner’s share of total room revenue.

  • Option comparison

    Flexible refers to the usage and the return. Your investment returns on your Tree Top Villa are influenced by the success of the resort and the number of days you use your villa.

UsageHave unlimited usage rights to your own villa
Rental returnEarn 36% of the pooled returns from the entire resort whilst not in residence
Resort discount20% discount on all resort amenities and activities (including spa and restaurants)
Service feeRMB 400 per room per night whilst in residence
Maintenance4% of all room revenue is retained for villa maintenance

For inquiries, please contact Jacqueline Ding